April Report

It’s been a rather fun month for us.  We’re continuing to settle in.  The weather has been excellent and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool.  We purchased a new BBQ and patio furniture and are spending our mornings and evenings on the patio.  I figured out this morning that our WiFi is strong enough out there, with all the doors and windows closed, that we’ll be streaming our iTunes and satellite radio out there so I’m going to start stitching out there in the mornings.  This makes the puppies happy since they love running around chasing birds, lizards, and each other.

I’ve spent a bunch of time playing in my room.  Still a long way to go but at least now I can sit at my workstation and sew.

The most fun has been working on my WIPocalypse pile while watching baseball and hockey.  Before I show my WIPocalypse progress, I’ll share a picture of Harley from last night’s hockey game.  When the Coyotes score, there is a howl played over the loudspeakers.  We, M and I, have started howling with it and the puppies have taken to joining in.  At the end of last night’s game we were howling and I got a snap of Harley doing her Coyote impression.  I know I’m biased, but she’s so darn cute when she does it.  Her little howl is so high pitched and “soft” you have to really listen to hear her, but you can tell she puts her whole heart behind it.

Now, on to the stitching:

Finished Hannah Beeby!

Got a whole lot done, then undone, then done on Petite Mexican Sampler:

I had completely finished the tree on the right when I discovered it was one stitch over on the right 🙁  It had to be frogged and put away since I was so upset.  I have picked it back up and will definitely finish it in May.

I don’t normally participate in stitchalongs since they feel like obligation stitching to me but two Facebook groups I’m on are having stitchalongs on designs that I already had planned on starting, so on Wednesday last I started Rose Quaker.  It feels like a quick stitch and I’m loving the colors:

It was very tempting to keep going but I wanted to start Mary Wigham for Thursdays.  I had messed up on Petite Mexican Sampler on Tuesday, and I let her sit screaming next to my stitching chair while I stitched on Mary Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I am loving the subtleness of the colors and I think GAST Salmon, the top motif, is my new favorite color.

Hannah, Rose Quaker, and Mary all definitely qualify for April’s Theme-a-liciousness, too!

All that stitching has left me with a full TUSAL jar for April.

You can see the different layers 😀  I’ll be adding a bit more to it this afternoon, to finish out the month with Petite Mexican Sampler stitching.


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8 responses to “April Report

  1. Its so nice that you, your DH and the puppies are settling in so well!!!! Life sounds idyllic ;-).

  2. Hi!
    Beautiful stitching! Love the Petite Mexican Sampler. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Woo hoo!!! Congrats on finishing Hannah Beeby!! She looks great. Sorry about the trouble with the Mexican Sampler. =( I felt the same way with my cardigan…I must have reknit row 17 on the top five times!!

  4. Great start on Rose Quaker! Despite the daunting size of the piece, it does actually stitch up fairly quickly (I’m at about the halfway point on mine). Congrats on your finished Hannah Beeby!

  5. Lovely WIPs, Terri! I love that Petite Mexican Sampler, I will need to get that for my stash too. Your Mary start is so pretty, love the threads you chose, glad you decided to join in the SAL.

  6. Lovely stitching. I’ll enjoy watching your progress on Rose Quaker. I have this kitted up and still yet to start it.


  7. Hi Terri, have just found your blog.
    Nice starts on Mary and Quaker Rose.
    We used to do that too with our dog Jake.Good job we have no neighbours near by to complain. 🙂

  8. Hannah Beeby is gorgeous, Terri! Congratulations on your finish. Your other WIPs look lovely too!