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Sunday Stash Report

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post today, but I forgot that I can set a publish time.  As this is posting I’m getting ready to board the plane to wing my way back from Nashville.

I found out that the shop I work at was having a group of women come in on Saturday to make pillow cases  that will be donated to a women’s shelter.  I have been wanting to participate in something like this, but because I was going to be out of town, and wasn’t sure when it was going to happen again, I donated fabric to the group.

I also talked to a quilting friend with a heck of a lot more experience than I have about adding blenders to my current stash and she agreed with what I have been thinking so I brought home a couple of 1/2 yard cuts.

I’m fairly sure I’ll be buying some fabric while traveling (I usually do!) so I’ll add that in to next week’s figures.

I’m really looking forward to see what the future holds now that I no long have a sewing deadline.

Fabric added this week:  1
Fabric used/donated this week:   10
Fabric added this month:  13  3/4
Fabric used this month:  10  1/3
Fabric added this year (April – present):  81  3/4
Fabric used this year (April – present):  19  7/8

Sunday Stash Report

160 5″ squares for Son’s quilt = -4.5

JMLWClub Caramel Corn 5 “x” blocks, 5 “slice blocks” = -.56

Olde World Quilt Shoppe trip = +1.0

Pre-cuts Collection For A Cause Historical Blenders = +7.0

Fabric added this week: 8.0
Fabric used this week: 4.5  5.06
Fabric added this month: 35.25
Fabric used this month: 9.0  9.56
Fabric added this year (April – present): 79.375
Fabric used this year (April – present): 9.0  9.56

Scratching my head to figure out how to calculate JMLW Caramel Corn fabric usage.  Figured it out and adjusted totals.

Sunday’s Stash Report

Bit by bit the little things are getting accomplished in my studio and I’m so happy to be at the sewing machine again!  I have one major “stuff dumping ground” I need to tackle but that’s going to need a trip to the Container Store this coming week. I also still need some shelving put up and some drawer dividers, but it’s getting there.

Since I finally have all my fabric in one place I can really start using my stash. I may just approximate what I have by eyeballing it some time this week.

But for this week….

Stash in:

This past week was my Jo Morton Little Women Club meeting and while I always buy fabric when I’m there, I have been trying to use some of the fabric I already have in my stash for the monthly projects.  But this month I knew immediately upon seeing the project that I would be buying new-to-me fabrics for it.  While the sampler colorway was predominately 3 colors, the quilt was scrappy.  I’ve decided to use the same 3 fabrics only in this one so I had to shop.  I did get lucky to buy end of bolts for a couple so saved a bit of money.

DSC01589The black fabric is the background, borders, binding, and backing.  The red and cream fabrics will be pinwheels centers in a cross-hatch.  This adds 2.875 yards.

I also snagged a much coveted FQ bundle of Jo’s new Prairie Rose fabrics.  These were sold in limited quantity to shop owners who attended the last market, otherwise, the fabric is only supposed to be available in the Prairie Rose BOM starting in November.  I’ll confess right here and now that I’ve signed up for it but only because my JMLW Club will be over then. Another 4 yards.


I have also been sorting fabrics for a scrappy patriotic tablerunner and found a great fabric for background.  It was also end of bolt and adds 1.25 yards.


I also purchased the binding fabric I’ll need for the present I previewed in the previous post.  .63 yards

In the midst of organizing last week I forgot to do a report so I’m also adding in my contest fabrics from Andover.  That will add 11.25 for the charms and 3.50 for the FQs for a total of 14.75 yards.

Stash out:

Gift fabric: 4.5 yards.

Fabric added this week:  23.5
Fabric used this week: 4.5
Fabric added this month: 27.25
Fabric used this month: 4.5
Fabric added this year (April – present): 71.375
Fabric used this year (April – present): 4.5

You think I have a problem?

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